Welcome! I’m Dr Dan Maggs, a UK-based General Practitioner (GP) living in Warwick with my wife and daughter. I’ve put this page together to answer a few common questions that get searched about me on Google and to tell you a bit more about myself and my work.

Is Dr Dan Maggs an MD?

Well, the answer is yes and no. In the UK, the medical qualification is different from other parts of the world. I am a Medical Doctor, which is what MD stands for in many places. I’m not a chiropractor, a PhD, or any of these other groups of people who are able to call themselves Dr. However, I am not technically an MD because that’s not what UK medical qualifications are. Instead, I hold an MB ChB from Warwick University.

Additionally, as a GP, I sat and passed the membership examinations for the Royal College of General Practitioners, earning me the title MRCGP. Although I’m still a practising GP, I am not currently a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Before medical school, I began my academic journey in Medical Genetics at the University of Leicester, graduating in 2003 with a BSc. I had the privilege of learning under Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, the pioneer of DNA fingerprinting.

I hope this clears up any confusion!

What happened to Dr Dan Maggs?

Many of you may have noticed that I stopped posting videos to my YouTube channel. This happened for a few reasons. I got very busy running a group coaching program launched off the back of my earlier work. Life also changed significantly with the birth of my daughter, and I’ve been focusing more on spending time with her, especially while she’s very young and not yet in school. Additionally, I decided to pivot my focus from general weight loss to specifically helping men in their middle years. I’m hoping to be posting much more content aimed at this audience in the near future.

Check out my youtube channel here.

My Philosophy

I believe in empowering patients with knowledge and tools for sustainable health. My approach challenges the traditional “calories in, calories out” mindset, recognising the complexity of metabolic health. I advocate for low-carb diets, understanding insulin resistance, and making informed lifestyle choices.

Helping Men in Their Middle Years

As men enter their middle years, balancing a demanding career, family commitments, and personal health becomes increasingly challenging. Many struggle with weight, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and the emotional toll these issues take. My mission is to provide a comprehensive, sustainable approach to health that fits seamlessly into a busy lifestyle.

Watch My 3-Part Video Series

To dive deeper into my approach and learn how to achieve sustainable health changes, watch my free 3-part video series. This series will guide you through the key shifts in thinking and practical steps needed to transform your health.

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