8 Week Meal Plans

We have created a weekly meal plan over 8 weeks to guide you to moving to a Carb Dodging lifestyle.

Each meal plan includes simple weekday lunches; tasty weekday evening meals, batch-cook dishes that can be cooked at larger volume so that you can prepare extra portions to freeze and defrost later. Batch cooking not only saves us on time, it can also save us money as cooking in quantities is often more cost-effective.

These meal plans are created to optimise nutrition, be tasty and meet most people’s skill level. We are building your low-carb food skill base to get you to a point where you have a good number of everyday go-to meals.

As we are all different and at different points in our low carb journey some of you will already find that the portions seem quite large and others will find that they need more food to feel full.

Do listen to your body and adjust the portion size to suit where you are right now.

Here are the quick links to the week by week plans:-

I’d definitely suggest getting through the first couple of modules before you start the meal plans. But I understand many are keen to get started.

Most meal plans I see on the internet seem to consist of many different meals throughout the week. With the feedback of those who went before you, we have tried to strike a balance in the meal plans between enough repetition, meal prep, and batch cooking to keep it simple and to make them interesting and tasty.

Some choose to follow the meal plans to the letter and have been very successful with their weight loss when doing so. Others prefer to build their own meal plans based on the advice we give in the course.

The Meal Plans all start on a Sunday evening, and run to the following Sunday lunchtime. Usually, there is some meal preparation for the week ahead to be done on Sunday.

You’ll notice that breakfast is done separately, that’s because most clients make the transition to skipping breakfast quite quickly. If that’s not you, don’t worry, it’s not a race. Feel free to add in some of those simple breakfast options / bulletproof coffees.

You can find the meal plans by looking in the top menu on the website when you’re logged in, and there is a place to ask questions about any things you’re not sure about directly below!

We hope you enjoy the meal plans. Please do feel free to post up any pictures of your preparations to the group!